week in review

Things I ate:

Chomp sticks: slim jims for adult women
  • Big Bad Batch Bitch. Sunday I made a big batch of coconut/okra/tomato stew and mostly had that all week for dinner. I also fried up hot Italian sausages, jalapeños, and onions, and then stuck that in a Ziploc in the fridge to remove a step in the complicated process of making breakfast scrambles (which is not that hard, but can be time-consuming to get the sausage as crispy as I want them.) I tried to make a big batch of roasted butternut squash noodles, but they had gone off.
  • Official Endorsement: Chomp Stick. This week’s Endorsement is CHOMP STICKS! They are Whole30 approved (cool) and I think they run for $2 or $3 at Trader Joe’s. I’ll always choose a snack that’s savory over one that’s sweet (and can we just all go ahead and admit–Larabars are gross as hell?). I’ve been grabbing a couple of these grownup (sugar and bullshit free) Slim Jims to have as a little treat whenever I crave a meat rod. They are very long, so you also get to pretend like you’re in Breakfast at Tiffany’s while consuming them.
  • Eating out? I did not eat out this week???? I just realized this semi-incredible fact and I want to take myself out to lunch to celebrate, but instead I’m going to get my eyebrows threaded.


  • Listening: Man, I am SICK of hearing about S-Town. Yeah yeah yeah it’s GOOD, okay, I got it! No more S-Town thinkpieces! I listen to many hours of podcasts a day and consume them pretty haphazardly. I have been asked to stop listening to The Moth and This American Life because other people at the coworking desk get annoyed by me crying. So instead I listen to true crime podcasts. Hours of them. Right now I’m really into Generation Why, which is just two friends (?) talking about crime. I listened to “Hannah Overton” this week and thought it was an interesting take (if you like the episode, read this too.)
  • Written Word: I love the 21st century because it means I can read without going to such an institution as a LIBRARY. Ew. (Just kidding! Save the libraries!) Nevertheless I read on my PHONE on the subway, which is a BLESSED concept. I have a long commute 4 days a week. I can put away a domestic crime thriller about British people who are not as happy as they seem in a day if I read a little during my lunch break, too. The best one I read this week was The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena. This baby goes missing and then the parents have to find it… but there are SECRETS that complicate the process! This book is probably a 6 for most people but I rate it a 10 because I found it (1) easy to read in transit, (2) mildly surprising, and (3) not complicated to remember character names.
  • WATCH AND FORGET: I watch a lot of daily vloggers because I like looking at how people I don’t want to ever be friends with live their lives. I found Wednesday’s episode of “Sam and Nia” particularly cringe-inducing. The bookshelf, the urban exploring, all the crazy eyes going on–it makes my skin crawl in a much more snackable way than any TLC program ever could.
this family is a real trip–dad had an ashley madison scandal a couple years ago! they’re very christian. DRAMA!


  • Barre classes attended: 5
  • Average bedtime: 9:44 PM
  • Larabars eaten: 3 :*****(
  • Times I pretended my Larabar was made of Peeps instead of dates and hatred: 3
  • Eyebrows threaded: 2

So that’s what I did this week. What are you consuming this week, Girls? I hope you’re only consuming WONDERFUL things because YOU DESERVE IT! Let’s consume a gin and La Croix cocktail together this weekend. Text me!




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