lunch is natural! lunch is good!

Not everybody eats it, but everybody should!!!!!!

Today I went to Palm Sunday mass and came back feeling RESTORED and SPIRITUAL! And ready to PREP for this week! I stopped by the grocery store and they were playing “I Want Your Sex” on a loop–so I knew getting down to BUSINESS w/r/t my lunch plans for this week was BLESSED by both the big guy and by George Michael.

lunchbox by VERA BRADLEY–I KNOW!

So I’m making a big batch of Whole30 bolognese right now–I’ll talk about that tomorrow, I ~intelligently~ started this two or three hour endeavor at 8:00 PM so it’s still cookin. The thing is I cooked very clean and utilized mis-en-place so I wasn’t running around like a chicken with my head cut off during the big cook. All the dishes were washed by the time the sauce started its simmer!!!! Kinda like magic!!!! So I had a ton of time to get ready for tomorrow.

ANYWAY. I go to barre at 6:30AM and come straight to work after–who’s that stinky girl at the coworking desk? It’s ME!–so I need a lunch that’s heavy on the SNAX (I know Whole30 doesn’t like that, but otherwise I’m gonna–and often do–eat my whole lunch at 10AM.) I always start with some snackable content (which I’ll usually pack several bags of).

blackberries by NATURE, tiny cashew packet by trader joe’s


And I’m also really into ants on a log–I’ve honestly been eating these at work every day since I started Whole30. I don’t eat peanut butter much in general, and I think everyone with half a brain knows that RAISINS ARE GROSS, so I use TJ’s almond butter and dried Bing cherries instead.

I love my Missouri cutting board!!!

The big question for me almost every day is what should a MAIN look like? I’ve never been a big luncher because I hate smelling like lunch after lunch–I know, right, that doesn’t make a lot of sense–but it’s real. I also don’t like having to warm anything up ever because I’m way too lazy and I don’t like having to bring a fork.

So I often make these Georgia O’Keefe-esque turkey and lettuce wraps. Remember the uproar about hand salad last week? They’re kinda like that. A piece of turkey wrapped in lettuce with mustard, salt, and pepper! Mad simple and, most importantly, easy to eat.

“LUNCHTIME” by georgia o’keefe

A caveat: I do use whole grain brown fancyass mustard in these–sugar is indeed one of the ingredients. But I don’t trip on that.

trying to detox after a day of debauchery

I also made, for the first time ever, KALE CHIPS! I drizzled kale with safflower oil, S&P, and some hot red pepper flakes and baked ’em for ~12 mins at 350. I checked them often because I heard bad things happen w/r/t BURNING and ickiness–but these turned out so well and now I have delicious kale for this week.

Okay!!! Drop a napkin and a plain La Croix in it and call it a DAY! That’s what I’m eating at my desk tomorrow. Not SO sad desk lunch, huh? I like to pretend I am the daughter from these amazing lunch prep videos by HouseofMeis on Youtube  and really give myself props when I eat everything.

What are YOU eating for lunch tomorrow, Girls? With the time we save not going out and getting anything, we can use that HOUR of POWER to do something FUN like getting our eyebrows waxed or standing people up on Tinder dates. We’ll think about it. Text me!






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